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The first step is to start learning. I fine’ne’na i tutuhon.

Let’s learn from how other people succeeded in learning Chamorro. website’s – 10 Tips for Learning CHamoru

Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua’s – Tips for learning Chamorro

Watch a video of Chamorro language scholars giving tips to learning Chamorro
Umeyak Chamoru – 10 Tips for Learning the Chamorro Language

Here are more suggestions to learning Chamorro

  1. Set language-learning goals
    Research shows that people who set the right kind of goals are more likely to achieve success.
  2. Learn the “right” words
    Identify what words, phrases and expressions with practical, colloquial topics then work your way up from there.
    Start learning with our 700+ common Chamorro words
  3. Use flashcards
    When learning your words, you’ll learn faster by using the very best study techniques, such as using spaced repetition software (SRS).
    Try the Guam Bus Chamorro flashcards
  4. Study smart
    Talk when you read and write. It will help you remember faster if you vocalize your target language.
  5. Think in your target language
    Thinking directly in your target language as much as possible will help you avoid errors and speed up the learning and speaking process.
  6. Start using the language all day, every day
    Tape new words around your house, like your bathroom and kitchen walls, for visual cues.
  7. Get plenty of comprehensible input
    To get good at a language fast, you’d want to get a lot of comprehensible input (listening and reading), especially at the start.
    ie. TV shows, comics, online videos, podcasts or even actual conversations
    I Sakman I Fino’-ta is an immersive Chamorro language experience with stories, poems, songs, word games are more.
    Listen to Chamorro talk radio on K57
  8. Watch movies and use subtitles
    They’re a great example of comprehensive input. Plus to make studying fun.
    A Chamorro animated movie: Maisa the Chamoru Girl who Saves Guåhan
    A TV drama series in the Chamorro language, Siha
  9. Listen to music and learn the lyrics
    If you love listening to music and do it anyway, why not listen to it in your target language!
    Listen to Chamorro music on Dandan Marianas and Fanachu Live
  10. Read local literature
    If advanced novels and books are too daunting for you now, try learning with bilingual books, children’s books or books designed for language learners.
    Children Books in the Chamorro language:
    The Guam Bus
    The UOG Press
  11. Seek out real-life practice
    Get talking right away, from the very early stages of your language learning journey!
  12. Learn about the culture
    It’s important to learn about the culture and history associated with these words.
    Visit the Guam Museum
    Read stories about Chamorro language, culture and history by Pale Eric Forbes
  13. Consider investing in tutoring
    Hire a tutor. This is a good option for getting on the fast track to language success.
  14. Test yourself
  15. Plan a virtual trip
  16. Travel and immerse yourself
    Summer 2023 Guam Chamorro Adult Immersion Program
    2022 Immersion Program Video
  17. Learn from every mistake
  18. Have fun!
    Play word games on I Sakman I Fino’-ta

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