Practice Writing on I Sakman

Practice Chamorro on I Sakman; read stories, poems or write your own stories and post them on I Sakman.

Start small

Write about topics that are familiar, interesting, fun to you.

Writing ideas for short stories:

1. poem (free form structure)

2. describe your favorite tv show

3. describe an episode of your favorite tv show

4. give a review of a song/movie/book/appliance

5. a current event; a neighborhood/village/city

6. about a fiesta your attended

7. instructions; how to fix the washer, play guitar, write a poem

Short stories and poems

Examples of some short stories and poem to inspire you.

Mames, månnge’, magåhet
Ulu’ Hento

Other ways to contribute

Submit audio or video of your story/poem.

How to contribute

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