Gaige dikike na songson gi sanhåya giya Guahan.Lao sumen chågo gui’.Kulan manmaleffa siha na gaige i sengsong. Gof dångkolo i halomtåno-ña.Kulan na’atok gui’ gi hinasson-ñiha. Guaha kañada siha lokkue.Kulan ti manungo’ na gaige sumen bunito na songsong. Åntes na tiempo,Buente ma li’e’ i karabao siha na manmalolofan gi chalan,Sa’ manhahanao para i saddok. Åntes na

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Morning In Malesso

Originally written Sept. 24, 2008 In the early morning, I wake up to a new day.It is the dawn of the start of a different life for me.As I stir, the sun rises above the watchful mountains of Malesso.They see my Auntie Chåro frying boñelos lemai (breadfruit donuts).She yells for the kids in the house,

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Tutuhon – Start

The first step is to start. I fine’ne’na i tutuhon. Everyone learns different. On the Internet, we are fortunate to have online classes, websites, videos and books to help learn Chamorro. We hope there’s a method that matches your preferred learning style. The first step is to start. Nihi ta tutuhon. Chamorro Language Lessons Online via

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Tips for Learning

The first step is to start learning. I fine’ne’na i tutuhon. Let’s learn from how other people succeeded in learning Chamorro. website’s – 10 Tips for Learning CHamoru Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua’s – Tips for learning Chamorro Watch a video of Chamorro language scholars giving tips to learning ChamorroUmeyak Chamoru – 10 Tips for

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